Queueing Theory Software for Calc

This project provides a set of OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets that solve various queueing models. Collectively these spreadsheets are known as QtsPlus4Calc. This work is based on the Microsoft Excel-based QtsPlus software package, which is the companion software for the textbook Fundamentals of Queueing Theory by Donald Gross and Carl Harris.

The QtsPlus4Calc collection of spreadsheets will encompass the following areas: basic probability calculators; solvers for finite, linear difference equations; single-server, multiple-server, bulk, priority and network analytic queueing models and several simulation models.

For a quick overview of the planned capability for QtsPlus4Calc, see the sample screen shots.

Currently this project is in its final development phase. Please subscribe to the qtsplus4calc-announcement mailing list to receive announcements on QtsPlus4Calc.

Files for Release 0.7 are available for downloading.

For a status of the queueing models, go to this link.

The project's working area is hosted by sourceForge.net.

System Requirement: QtsPlus4Calc requires the OpenOffice product suite. Use OpenOffice.org

One accomplishment in preparation for this project was the publication of a porting guide showing techniques for converting Excel/VBA macro code to Calc/Starbasic. In addition to the porting guide, sample code is available that illustrates the techniques described.

Send any questions to the project administrator.

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